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Marshmello to the Moon

Marshmello to the Moon

Marshmello - first dog character to return to the moon since “Snoopy” in 1969

Artist: Space Blue/Dallas Santana 

Marshmello, the real-life dog, is known for many collaborations with top celebrities, movie stars, models from "America's Top Models", and "Deal or No Deal" models, all who babysat the adorable pet. Marshmello found fame without even trying, went viral "peeing" on an Oscar Event Red Carpet ( getting millions of views), got over 50 million views while dating Logan Paul's Pomeranian “Kong”, and appeared in the NFT movie The 9th Raider and many music videos. As this pioneering canine character prepares for its historic lunar landing, fans can soon explore the captivating Marshmello furry universe through an engaging book series, with an animation series also in development- also all sent to the moon for archiving as digital twin artwork preserved on the moon. This lovable pet dog character is on the brink of capturing hearts and minds across the globe as it embarks on its groundbreaking journey to the final frontier in art history. Marshmello the character has also already confirmed her official NASA boarding pass to be included in the NASA Mars missions, and other space programs coming up.

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