The Lunaprise Museum Collection

Art is going to the moon in 2024 as a permanent art museum by way of a SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket to make history with the first moon landing for NASA and the USA since 1972.

Technology Developed To Last Over One Billion Years in Space

The Lunaprise Museum utilizes advanced file compression and etching technology to store curated art on an indestructible nickel disk. A proprietary algorithm compresses various digital formats without sacrificing quality, while a high-precision laser engraves the binary data onto the disk. This innovative approach combines durability and cutting-edge storage techniques, safeguarding humanity's artistic achievements on the Moon for future generations.

For Sale

The artworks featured below are available exclusively through BitBasel for purchase during Miami Art Week, spanning from December 5th to December 10th.

Climate Refugees Storyboard

"Climate Refugees," a documentary by Michael Nash, delves into the global human impact of climate change, with its sequel "Climate Refugees II" co-produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and his father. The accompanying Storyboard Artwork collection showcases authentic screenplay visuals, offering insight into the film's creative narrative.


The "Spaceman Collection" by Michael Nash features a captivating series of artworks, each available in 33 editions, artistically exploring cosmic themes through the compelling figure of a spaceman.

Roger Sichel - Woodstock

Roger Sichel's collection, featuring black and white photographs from Woodstock, captures the essence and spirit of this iconic music festival. Through his lens, Sichel vividly portrays the cultural and musical revolution of the era, offering a timeless glimpse into one of history's most pivotal moments in music and social change.

Roger Sichel

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