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Gathering of Light

Gathering of Light

Isla Moon

Instagram: @islamoonxessence

Isla Moon is a visionary artist, poet, and curator. Passionate about speaking the language of  beauty for impact storytelling and community connecting to inspire humanity into dreaming a brighter future returning to true harmony with the planet and self. Pioneering utility and impact art in Web 3.0, she has curated international artists…

Her imaginal explorations enter the worlds of emotion through colors, effervescence, word and imagery that welcome transcendence through experience resonating within deep psychosomatic levels and dimensions of being; creating visionary and prophetic art in ritual to interweave timelines towards global regenesis. Her work transcends the human experience through deep psychosomatic imagery and reimagines our dimensions of being. Through impactful storytelling, connecting community and creating beauty, Moon’s visionary and prophetic art interweaves timelines in ritual, and inspires us to dream a brighter future.

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